WiCyS at RIT Executive Board Delegation

This document entails an overview of obligations of the WiCyS Student Chapter at RIT Executive Board. The document does not go fully in depth as it is to provide guidance for those looking to pursue an WiCyS RIT Student Chapter Executive Board position.

Annual WiCyS Conference

The Annual WiCyS Conference brings together industry and government professionals, students and military for the largest conference dedicated to Women in Cybersecurity. The RIT Student Chapter gets to see their wonderful alumni at the conference and make meaningful connections with members from other chapters. To attend the conference, you must be a member of the WiCyS Organization (Annual Membership Fee: $20) and receive a student scholarship.

Additional Conferences

Programs for Learning

Cyber FastTrack

Cyber FastTrack is an cybersecurity training program for college students through the form of an CTF. Top-scoring players will be invited to apply for cyber training scholarships and can go as far as receiving additional scholarships as well as build a plethora of skills useful for their career.


TryHackMe is an online platform that teaches cyber security through short, gamified real-world labs. Both beginners and experienced individuals are able to dive in and learn something new.

SANS Women Academy

To help fill the skills gap, the SANS Institute created the SANS Cyber Talent Immersion Academy, an intensive, accelerated training program that provides SANS world class training and GIAC certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity.


(ISC)2 Women Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship Awards from $1,000-$5,000 for 20 people.

WiCyS Scholarships

Collection of links from Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Organization for a variety of scholarships.