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Sierra Kennedy


Sierra, President of the Women in Cybersecurity Student Chapter at our college, is a highly accomplished fourth-year BS/MS student, pursuing a major in Computing Security and complementing it with a minor in Psychology. Her exceptional dedication to the field is recognized through her status as a CyberCorps SFS scholar. Beyond her academic commitments, Sierra finds solace in the enchanting world of fantasy books and channels her creativity through her love for drawing. Maintaining an active lifestyle, she takes to the the ice as a figure skater and frequently goes to the gym to stay physically fit. Sierra’s diverse interests and unwavering commitment make her an outstanding leader in our organization.

Rachel Leone

Vice President

Rachel, the Vice President of the Women in Cybersecurity Student Chapter, is a third-year student. She is fully immersed in her studies, specializing in Computing Security and complementing with a minor in Criminal Justice. Rachel’s passion for cybersecurity extends beyond the classroom as she actively participates in Computer Science House, one of RITs renowned Special Interest Housing. She is also women’s saber captain for RIT’s fencing club. With her diverse involvement and unwavering dedication, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective to our organization.

Kasey Kiggins


Kasey, the Secretary of the Women in Cybersecurity Student Chapter, is a second-year student, making waves in the field of Computing Security. Her dedication to expanding her knowledge is evident through her pursuit of a second major in Computing Engineering Technology, with a particular passion for hardware security. Beyond her academic pursuits, Kasey is an active member of RIT’s women’s rugby club, where she exemplifies strength, teamwork, and resilience. Additionally, she brings a creative flair to her college experience as a performing arts scholar. Kasey’s diverse interests and exceptional leadership skills make her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Ariana Ciaschini

Operations Lead

Ariana, the Operations Lead for the Women in Cybersecurity Student Chapter at our college, is a highly motivated third-year student pursuing a double major in Cybersecurity and Criminal Justice. Her commitment to continuous learning and expertise expansion is evident through active participation in numerous competitions and advanced courses. In addition to her academic achievements, Ariana plays a vital role in the college’s new student orientation program and serves as a writing consultant in the University Writing Center. Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in expressing herself through art, music, and weight lifting. Ariana’s diverse range of interests coupled with her leadership roles positions her as an invaluable asset to our organization.

Sumita Mishra

Faculty Advisor

Britt Stanford

Staff Advisor

Lynn Wildman

Staff Advisor

Shannon McHale